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The Laughing Maggie is the name of a tavern on the island of Conchobar, in one of the more tropical regions of Aquan. Taverns are great places for stories, as sailors from all around pass through on their way to wherever their business takes them. Here you’ll find news and updates on the tales that Kris and I write, and at this moment in particular on the publishing progress of our first novel, The Trident of Merrow.

But first, let me tell you about Maggies:

Maggies were what the Shardsea mariners called mermaids, those servants of Tryta, the Harlot Queen of Tides, who dragged drowning men down to their mistress’s bed.   It was said that a mermaid named Magora once brought her forbidden lover, Callum, beneath the waves so that they could make love away from mortal eyes.  Finding that Tryta was out battling her brother, Abyssal Lord Merrow, they used her bed.  They had fallen asleep when Tryta returned.  The Harlot Queen was so furious that she put a curse on Magora and all mermaids, that they would forever bring the men they desired to Tryta’s bed, never to find the pleasures of the flesh themselves.

The Laughing Maggie is named for the mermaids who escort drowning sailors to the Harlot’s bed. Tryta, or “the Harlot” or “Harlot Mum of Tides” is considered the more benevolent of the two sea gods of Aquan, the one sailors ask the blessings of. Her brother, Merrow, is the more sinister one, and the only ones who pray to him are the Strega, his witch servants who wield immense power over the sea and all in it. The gods defeated Merrow long ago and hid his trident, the source of his power, in a secret cave so that no one may wield it. One Strega, however, seeks to reclaim it, resurrect Merrow, and cover all of Aquan in an endless ocean. This is the story that plays out in The Trident of Merrow.

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