The Trident of Merrow Kindle e-book now available in Amazon’s Kindle Marketplace!

Yay! It’s up! It took a few hours yesterday, including putting together things like the dedications, about the authors, and getting the formatting right, but 24 hours later (they weren’t lying!) it’s available for purchase for only $4.99:

Please, if you can, reblog this, spread the link around to anyone you think might be interested. Here’s the blurb:

Toshala Flemmish has been waiting for her chance for years.

A tomboyish steam mechanic, she has been beneath the notice of Germaine Billings since they were children. Today is different. Today, Tosh has a new dress, a new look, and will not be denied. Unless of course she’s kidnapped by pirates at the behest of a monster from her childhood nightmares. Now Tosh is getting the attention she’s wanted all along as her father sends Germaine in pursuit of the pirates.

The race through the seas and skies begins, and unless she can escape, Tosh will be sacrificed to resurrect a demon god who will plunge the island nations of Aquan beneath the ocean.

Kris and I started this novel years ago, rewrote it several times, honed it, sent it to various agents, and finally decided to give Kindle Direct Publishing a try. We’ll see how the experiment goes 🙂

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