Now on Goodreads!

Rock on, I was able to sync this blog to so it’ll show up as a blog there too without me having to double post or link and such. As Wil Wheaton says a lot, “I love living in the future!”

They kindly gave me an author’s account (I’d been a reader on there for a while). At first I couldn’t figure out how to disambiguate myself from another Amber Marshall who already had a book on there (though was not a “Goodreads author”). It’s true, Guy’s Guide to the Birthing Room was not written by me. I have no expertise in birthing and the only time I’ve even been in a birthing room is when I was born. So at first I was lost, but somehow stumbled across in some semi-unrelated location that you can simply put an additional space between the first and last names and that will let them know it’s a different person. Silly me, I thought it had an algorithm to ignore extra spaces. I never would’ve thought of that. So that’s cleared up, at least.

I also nagged Kris (sorry, Kris) to sign up there and he has.

So I went to my library today and checked out City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare. I decided I’m going to read through this series unless I become completely disgusted with it, which I doubt.  However, I am glad I don’t have to spend the money or further tax my sagging (seriously) bookshelves at this point.

Today is my “writing day” of the week, because my husband usually stays late at school to do homework. He’s coming home earlier today, though, so I’d better get to writing to get in as much as I can before he gets home, just in case.

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