From the library – City of Glass and Unwind

I thought I was going to be good and only get one book, but I got two because I happened upon Unwind and being that it’s on my Amazon wishlist (which I’m using as more of a “to read in whatever manner you can get it” list… which come to think of it I should just keep in my “to read” list on Goodreads instead) I nabbed that too.

As planned, I grabbed City of Glass. I just finished City of Ashes and put up a review on Goodreads.

I had my writing day early this week, on Tuesday, and I very happily managed to tackle the chapter that was thwarting me in Apertures and add 3700 words to the manuscript (to be fair, many of those words were part of my earlier attempts and I just rewrote or shifted them around). I’m rapidly approaching the part of the novel that is more nebulous to me. I may need the help of Kris in the hope that if we rub our brains together, something might spark.

My husband is done with classes for the semester so he’s going to be home more often. Until he gets a summer job I may have to come to an agreement on a writing day (or several) where he can remove himself and give me alone time.

Edit: I neglected to mention that we got one review on Amazon! I didn’t read it (I’m trying to be good) but I encourage everyone who reads the book to give their (honest, please) rating and review on Amazon. Some people will only be convinced to read a book if it has a certain number of comments so let’s give them some opinions. 🙂 Thanks!

Another edit: Ugh, it’s “unwind” not “unwound.” Sorry!


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