Book Signing on Feb 18th at Encore Books!

Encore Books in West Lebanon, NH is hosting us on February 18th, 2012 at 2pm for a book signing for The Trident of Merrow. Hope to see you there, please spread the word! Thanks!


It’s Christmas shopping season!

Does someone on your list love adventure and pirates? Do you need a world to escape into when the family gets to be too much? Have a long vacation you’re not sure how to fill? Why not order a copy of The Trident of Merrow?

It’s available on Kindle (and the file can be modified to be read on other e-readers as well) and in paperback. Not sure if you or your loved one will like it? Go to the page for the Kindle version and download a sample of the first several chapters to your e-reader, or read it right on the Amazon site.

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Money meet mouth

Money meet mouth.

A post from Amber’s blog, Midnight Tales, but regarding the publishing and selling experience of The Trident of Merrow so far.

The Trident of Merrow now in paperback!

It’s finally here! 😀


Please spread the word around! Thanks!

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It’s a really real book!

The proof arrived yesterday and it’s gorgeous! Check out the pictures on the Facebook page:

Some people say that print on demand books they’ve seen through CreateSpace look unprofessional. I think this one looks pretty damn good. It was so exciting to finally hold it, turn it over in my hands, flip the pages. Years of effort and there’s finally a book to put on the shelf, and say, “I wrote this. We wrote this and it’s real and this is really happening.”

As it is a proof, of course there are some errors to correct before we can put it up for sale, mostly a few formatting issues. I’ll be uploading a corrected file within a few days. Once that’s approved (we probably have to order and wait for another proof to arrive to make sure the changes work) we can put it up for sale. 🙂

I’m impatient; I want to just hit “approve” now and get this thing out there! But Kris and I want to make sure that we have the best possible product available, so it will take some time. Thank you for being patient. You won’t regret it.

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Proof is on the way!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile! I’ve been updating on Twitter but I should keep up with the blog also.

Kris and I have set up The Trident of Merrow on Amazon’s Createspace program so we can begin selling paperbacks. It’s not available for sale just yet; we’ve ordered the proof and it’s en route. Once we look it over and make sure it’s all right, we’ll give them the go-ahead to make it available. When it is, I’ll let you all know.

It’ll be exciting to have an actual book to hold in our hands!

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