Thank you, Encore Books!

A big thanks goes out to Encore Books in West Lebanon, NH for hosting our book signing yesterday! We had a lot of fun and saw a lot of great people. Thank you to all who stopped by and gave your support!

Kris plans to reach out to other book shops soon, so watch this space for news of more signings in the near future!

Check out the photos on Facebook here.



The Trident of Merrow is now available on Smashwords ( as is Call Me Strega ( and The Price of Longing ( The latter two are FREE on there.

Call Me Strega

“Call Me Strega,” a short prequel story to The Trident of Merrow starring Massimo, is up on Kindle!

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Money meet mouth

Money meet mouth.

A post from Amber’s blog, Midnight Tales, but regarding the publishing and selling experience of The Trident of Merrow so far.

It’s a really real book!

The proof arrived yesterday and it’s gorgeous! Check out the pictures on the Facebook page:

Some people say that print on demand books they’ve seen through CreateSpace look unprofessional. I think this one looks pretty damn good. It was so exciting to finally hold it, turn it over in my hands, flip the pages. Years of effort and there’s finally a book to put on the shelf, and say, “I wrote this. We wrote this and it’s real and this is really happening.”

As it is a proof, of course there are some errors to correct before we can put it up for sale, mostly a few formatting issues. I’ll be uploading a corrected file within a few days. Once that’s approved (we probably have to order and wait for another proof to arrive to make sure the changes work) we can put it up for sale. 🙂

I’m impatient; I want to just hit “approve” now and get this thing out there! But Kris and I want to make sure that we have the best possible product available, so it will take some time. Thank you for being patient. You won’t regret it.

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Proof is on the way!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile! I’ve been updating on Twitter but I should keep up with the blog also.

Kris and I have set up The Trident of Merrow on Amazon’s Createspace program so we can begin selling paperbacks. It’s not available for sale just yet; we’ve ordered the proof and it’s en route. Once we look it over and make sure it’s all right, we’ll give them the go-ahead to make it available. When it is, I’ll let you all know.

It’ll be exciting to have an actual book to hold in our hands!

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Pirates approaching…

Monday sales report: 7 sales so far for the month of May, so one since last week 🙂 Every little one counts!

So, Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides is coming out on Friday. Are you going to go see it? Do you think it’s an unnecessary sequel or will Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow be fun enough to carry it anyway?

The Trident of Merrow Kindle e-book now available in Amazon’s Kindle Marketplace!

Yay! It’s up! It took a few hours yesterday, including putting together things like the dedications, about the authors, and getting the formatting right, but 24 hours later (they weren’t lying!) it’s available for purchase for only $4.99:

Please, if you can, reblog this, spread the link around to anyone you think might be interested. Here’s the blurb:

Toshala Flemmish has been waiting for her chance for years.

A tomboyish steam mechanic, she has been beneath the notice of Germaine Billings since they were children. Today is different. Today, Tosh has a new dress, a new look, and will not be denied. Unless of course she’s kidnapped by pirates at the behest of a monster from her childhood nightmares. Now Tosh is getting the attention she’s wanted all along as her father sends Germaine in pursuit of the pirates.

The race through the seas and skies begins, and unless she can escape, Tosh will be sacrificed to resurrect a demon god who will plunge the island nations of Aquan beneath the ocean.

Kris and I started this novel years ago, rewrote it several times, honed it, sent it to various agents, and finally decided to give Kindle Direct Publishing a try. We’ll see how the experiment goes 🙂

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The Trident of Merrow submitted for copyright registration!

Amber here! I finally finished copyediting the manuscript and just got done e-registering on Kris and I are going to get together on Saturday to walk through the Kindle publication process together. Hopefully it will soon be available for purchase in the Kindle market. I’ll definitely post a link when that happens.

One tool I used when copyediting that I hadn’t used before was turning on various elements of grammar check and running it like spell check. You can even set it to detect sentences that use the passive voice so you can decide if maybe it should be rewritten. Of course grammar check is just as “dumb” as you’d expect so it doesn’t always read the sentence the way a person would. Still, it’s a good way to draw attention to something I might have missed.

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New plans

Amber here with another Trident of Merrow update. We’ve decided to skip the professional editor proofread. My husband, Garin, has agreed to proofread the manuscript (or at least start proofreading) over his spring break next week. He’s sharp and has a critical eye so I think we’ll be good with that. A typo here and there isn’t the end of the world anyway.

Then I’ll register for copyright with the US Copyright Office. It’ll probably take 4-5 months but they say you don’t have to wait to publish because technically your copyright is from when they receive your application (it makes sense; if someone else tried to steal your work and register it as their own the next day, yours would still be recorded as happening first, right?)

After that, Kris and I can see about starting the process of getting it on Amazon and decide if we’re going to do the Create Space thing also so it can be purchased in hard copy, not just e-book.

In other writing news, I’m up to I think around 8000 words of Apertures. I didn’t work on it yesterday. It hasn’t exactly been regular. I worked on it on my snow/ice day that I took on Monday (will this winter go away already, please?!). I’m not one of those writers who sets and sticks to a word count per day. I just write as I feel like it. I think part of it is that I’m requiring more research with this one (though I’ve been to Boston a bunch I don’t know the city that well). When I feel the rhythm of a scene and want to write it, I get hung up on research (and I have been using the tactic of putting in brackets when I need to look something up to save it for later so I don’t lose my groove. The problem is, some of these scenes I really need to know things or I won’t be able to write it).

So really I should do a little research before the next scene. Maybe I can at least do that later today.