Until Ragnarok Come

Until Ragnarok Come. <-Amber’s going to start doing more writing exercises and posting the results on her blog. This is the first.

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Character descriptions and more

I’ve added some more information to The Trident of Merrow page: character descriptions, settings, items of interest, and more. If you haven’t read the book yet and want to know if it’s for you, take a perusal and see if something piques your interest!

Thank you, Encore Books!

A big thanks goes out to Encore Books in West Lebanon, NH for hosting our book signing yesterday! We had a lot of fun and saw a lot of great people. Thank you to all who stopped by and gave your support!

Kris plans to reach out to other book shops soon, so watch this space for news of more signings in the near future!

Check out the photos on Facebook here.

Editor searching and a new novel

Amber here with an update. The editor Kris and I wanted to hire seems to be unreachable, so now we’re trying to figure out what to do. Amazon’s Create Space has a line-edit service, but at $0.0175 per word for manuscripts over 10,000 words, our ~88,000 word manuscript for The Trident of Merrow would end up being over $1500. That’s just a little steep for us right now. I’m contemplating just taking another close proofread, maybe using the method of starting at the last sentence and going backward (reading each sentence forward, of course). That breaks it up so you don’t just get caught by the flow and mentally fill in blanks or skip over errors. Another method is to read it aloud to oneself or each other, but last time we did that I was hoarse by chapter four.

In other news, I was inspired with ideas for a sequel to Negatives, the novel I wrote solo. I’ve outlined it at least partly, wrote down a lot of ideas, and finally started writing it yesterday. I’m calling it Apertures for now.

The problem with so many hobbies is that eventually the projects pile up and it becomes as much work (though more enjoyable) as my day job. I currently have a knitting project that I have to finish by the end of the month, drawing the possible cover for The Trident of Merrow for our product image on Amazon in the Kindle marketplace, writing Apertures, and now also peer-editing and providing feedback for other writers’ work as part of a virtual writer’s circle that my friend Mike is facilitating. It’s something I definitely don’t want to half-ass, so I’m saving it for the weekend (the week is full of chores. Oh, being a grown-up is so much fun, am I right? :p)


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