The Trident of Merrow

Tosh Flemmish has been waiting for her chance for years.

Always the boyish steam mechanic, she’s been beneath the notice of Germaine Billings since they were children.  Today is different.  Today, Tosh has a new dress, a new look, and will not be denied. Unless of course she’s kidnapped by pirates to be sacrificed to a sea witch’s dead god.  Now Tosh is getting the attention she’s wanted all along as her father sends Germaine in pursuit of the pirates.

The race through the ocean world Aquan’s seas and skies begins, and if Tosh can’t escape the sea witch and her pirate retainers, she’s god food.  As for her love life, well, the witch’s son is no Germaine, but that might not be such a bad thing.

Locations and Ships
Peoples and Entities
Concepts and Items of Interest
Gods and Goddesses

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  1. […] interested. As for my fact sheet, I’m going to add the info in a few new pages off of The Trident of Merrow page on Tavern Tales from the Laughing Maggie. I’ll share the post there when I’m […]

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