Concepts and Items of Interest

The Trident of Merrow: Legendary trident used by Merrow himself. Lost during the God Wars. Legends vary as to whether Merrow stowed it away or it was hidden by the other gods after his defeat, but its ultimate resting place is said to be the Murdhuacha Cave, deep within the Sharktooth Mountains. Capable of controlling the sea and everything dwelling within it, as well as resurrecting Merrow.

Dubbie/dub: Slang term for “doubloon,” a gold coin featuring the portraits of the king and queen of Sturmwald. Also slang for money in general.

Tosh’s locket: A locket containing two tiny photos – one of Germaine before departing on his first voyage, and one of Tosh’s late mother, who died when Tosh was very young. Tosh never takes the locket off.

Massimo’s flute: A simple flute made of bone or ivory, seemingly formed as one piece instead of carved. Massimo keeps it in a wooden case carved with a scene of a sea monster coiling around a three-masted ship. He’s very protective of it.

 Logos/Ange: Life-force, spirit, soul, or energy that inhabits everyone and everything. Used and manipulated to work magic.

Godsfingers: A rifle invented by Saul. Basically a sniper rifle.

Tuaigéan: a multi-purpose hatchet favored by the Nixians, used as a tool and a weapon.

Hex pistol: A pistol that fires bullets imbued with the logos of its user. Can contaminate the logos of those it pierces.

Spitflare: An experimental flying craft that can be flown by acolytes of Spriggan. One of three in existence sits in the Roz’s hold. More a glider than a true flying machine, it has a long, tapered body ending in a fish tail that is capable of shifting left or right like a ship’s rudder. Toward the fore are two sets of wings, one set on the belly of the craft, the other mirroring it from the top. Wind runes on the topside of the ventral wings and the underside of the dorsal wings provide weight and lift, respectively. Thrust is provided by a miniature steam engine, made of lightweight and rare orichalcum and heated by logos-charged runes.

The Repeater: A repeating crank musket swivel-mounted on the Spitflare. It uses drums of ammunition and fires three times faster than the average Sturmish rifleman.

Orichalcum: A rare, lightweight metallic element. The only known deposit on Aquan is in an undersea trench known as the Harlot’s Bosom.

Uisge Stone: Pronounced “oo-ISS-gay.” A rare stone that, under the power of Strega, has the same properties as water and can be used and manipulated in the same way.

Merrow’s Blood: A mysterious substance said to be the blood of Merrow, found floating on the water at sea and in places such as the Murdhuacha Cave. Viscous, oily, and seemingly alive, it engulfs and devours anything and anyone that stumbles into it, dissolving organic material.

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