Locations and Ships

Aquan: The fantasy world where The Trident of Merrow takes place. Mostly aquatic with several islands and continents. Life is based around the ocean and sailing.

Sturmwald: One of the kingdoms of Aquan. Kingsport is its capital. Monarchy government.

Kingsport: Capital of Sturmwald, seat of the Crown. Has an old port feel. Lots of trade is done here. Somewhat smogged due to decades of industry.

The Gallows Jig: Germaine’s ship, and Valas’s before him. A three-masted frigate, some fifty years old.

The Sea Drake: Blüd’s ship. A modified side-wheel steamer with armored sides.

Lodasgar: A south Shardsea island nation, peopled by dark-skinned natives, the Mélémbwé. Their main goddess is Awilah.

Shardsea: The main sea of Aquan. Also used as a blanket term for the ocean in general.

Malagua: A hotbed of pirate and criminal activity. Popular with slavers.

Swells-O’-Sea/Swells: A bustling port city once under the control of Myrrmon, now part of the kingdom of Sturmwald. In between it was a haven for pirates so still maintains the undercurrent of criminal activity with the more carnival atmosphere of a cultural center and mercantile trade city. Just beginning to get into the more industrial sector. The headquarters of the Baltus Trading Company is here.

Myrrmon: Rival kingdom of Sturmwald.

Acheron/Seas of Acheron: the underworld or afterlife. Envisioned as a warm, calm sea and sandy shore where the dead wash up.

The Harlot’s Bed/Bosom/Brothel: Also a metaphor for the afterlife. Drowned sailors and those killed at sea are said to be taken here.

The Barrows: Swells-O’-Sea’s shantytown, the rougher and poorer side of the city where criminals and pirates hide out and do business.

The King’s Lament: Inn and tavern where Blüd and crew hole up during their stay in Swells.

Port o’ Call: Inn and tavern where Germaine and crew stay in Swells.

Malawaya: Another smaller island nation of dark-skinned peoples.

Murdhuacha Cave: Pronounced “may-ROO-cha.” Legendary cave said to hide the Trident of Merrow. Supposedly located in the Sharktooth Mountains, its location is noted on a map drawn by Krios the Sojourner.

Skundr Island: Home island of the Maern, a mostly nomadic seafaring race.

R’neth: The home island of the Nixians, where the majority of the populace resides.

Caer Lir: The original home island of the Nixians. Gage is forbidden from traveling there because of his mixed blood.

RACS Colossus: A huge prototype airship, displayed for the first time at the Sturmwald World’s Fair in Swells-O’-Sea. Built for military application, it resembles a seafaring ship but is suspended beneath an air-filled balloon.

BTV Rozinanté/the Roz: A decrepit airship of the Baltus Trading Company. A converted sailing vessel fitted with a balloon and captained by Nigel Hawkesbury.

Spriggan’s Pipe: A hundreds-mile long canyon and cave that cuts through the FellSquall range. The crosswinds are so fierce that they smash ships to splinters against the canyon walls. Any ship wanting passage must pay a tribute the temple of Spriggan at Cloudshigh to hire a fifth year or higher acolyte to ease the passage.

Wind Temple at Cloudshigh: The temple of Spriggan that Ama serves.

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