Peoples and Entities

Sturmish: Natives of Sturmwald. Often a serious people, they are hard workers.

The Crown: The rulers of Sturmwald.

Myrr: Natives of Myrrmon. Tend to live a bit more vivaciously than the Sturmish, favoring art more than industry.

Mélémbwé: Natives of Lodasgar.

Strega: A sisterhood of sea witches, thought to be extinct after the Witchfires. Rumored to be the most powerful spell-slingers in all of Aquan. The female-run society live in Merspire and worship the dead sea god, Merrow. Most can change their appearance at will but naturally have all-black eyes, with no pupil, white or iris visibly differentiated. Rumored to throw their unwanted newborns into the sea, where they become sea monsters. Each is known only as “Strega” to outsiders, and by aliases to all other Strega except the Stregalta, the leader.

Witchbreed: A collective term for all offspring of Strega. Witchbreed can be male or female, though females are more highly prized because they can grow up to become Strega (this being contingent on passing the Trials). They inherit natural magical abilities, and most have at least one signature talent. Each also has a “tell” or sign that they are a witchbreed, usually something to do with appearance such as a birthmark, unnatural colored hair or eyes, horns or other features. Witchbreed are often treated harshly by their Strega mothers regardless of gender, due to the Strega philosophy of survival of the fittest. Those not used for their abilities are used a servants.

“Maggies”: Mythical mermaids, actual existence unknown. Said to be the psychopomps or undertakers of drowned sailors, which they take to the Harlot’s bed.

Storm devils: Elemental beings that cause and control storms.

Leviathan: Any kind of sea monster, from whales and serpents to giant squid and octopi.

Traditricé: A sect of Strega who rebelled against Merrow and the “kill or be killed” philosophy of the loyalist Strega. Worshiping Tryta, they work secretly within the bounds of society to further their aims. They practice more benevolent magic, using their power to increase fishing yields, ensure smooth voyages, and protect and help those they love. Some are deserters from the main group of Strega, others are women with magical ability recruited by the Traditricé.

Maern: A hearty, tough, and spirited nomadic sailing people hailing from Skundr Island. They are a warrior race, prizing strength and loyalty. Most are large and muscular, with tan skin and reddish hair.

Nixians: Also known as “Shoal Elves.” They are fey and mystical, prizing knowledge and kinship, but are xenophobic and preoccupied with racial purity. They are fishers and sailors, most possessing some degree of magical ability. They tend to be pale and have greenish hair. Legend has them descending from the mythical Nixies.

The Baltus Trading Company: A trading company of considerable size and influence, backed by every nation on Aquan due to its positive effect on trade. Has ruled sea trade for two centuries and recently forayed into air trade as well.

Sylphine: Priestess of Spriggan.

Sylph: An air elemental.

Djinniya: A person blessed, or cursed, by Spriggan with the soul of a Sylph. Can transform between human and sylph form.

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